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Hors D’oeuvres
Glazed MeatballsHome-style meatballs served in a tangy chili sauce.
Cucumber Canapés
Crisp cucumber slices atop party rye, piped with Italian cream cheese and garnished with fresh dill.
Very refreshing!
Chèvre Champigons
Mushrooms stuffed with goat cheese, spinach and bacon.
Traditional Middle Eastern chick pea dip served with flat bread. Ask about our seasonal favorites such as pumpkin and roasted red bell pepper!
Spinach Artichoke Dip
Parmesan cheese blended with spinach and artichokes, served warm with tortilla chips.
Sweet and Smoky Pulled Pork Slider
Our own smoked pulled pork, atop a sweet Hawaiian slider served with or without slaw.
Hawaiian Slider
Hawaiian roll with black forest ham and pepper jack cheese topped with our house marinade.$3.75/person
Tomato Basil Bruschetta
Bring Mediterranean flavor to the table with this appetizer of garlic, olive oil, tomato and basil. (seasonal)
Charcuterie Board
Fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, assorted cheeses and meats, grapes marinated in champagne, rolled in goat cheese and candied pecans. Served with ranch, hummus, and crackers. $6.00/person

Honey Pecan Chicken Salad in Smoked Gouda Puffs

Delicious honey pecan chicken salad in bite size savory puffs.
Sausage Stars
A blend of pork sausage, cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses baked in a crisp wonton wrapper garnished with ranch dressing and black olives.
Asparagus Tarte
Puff pastry topped with nutty Gruyere cheese and Asparagus and baked until golden.$3.50/person
Stuffed Peppadew Pepper
Piquant peppers stuffed with herbed cheese, wrapped in bacon and drizzled with balsamic reduction.
Chicken Satay
Tender marinated chicken breast seasoned with soy, curry and peanut sauce, served with a homemade peanut sauce and green onion.$3.50/person

Crab Cakes

Bite sized crab cakes with creamy rémoulade sauce.
Candied Smokies
Smokies wrapped in bacon, slow cooked in a sweet glaze.
Mini Burgers
These are as cute as a button and tasty, too. Just about three bites, topped with cheese, tomato, pickle and Bistro sauce.
Mini Tomato BBT’s
Soft white bread rounds topped with creamy parmesan, bacon & basil and Roma tomatoes. Garnished with cracked pepper.
Hot Buffalo Chicken Dip
A hot creamy dip loaded with tender chicken & hot sauce. Served with corn chips.
Pretzel Chicken Sliders
Tender chicken, honey mustard, cheddar cheese, bacon, and green onion served on a mini pretzel roll.
Black and Blue Slider
Beef brisket, blue cheese, caramelized onion and horseradish cream.
Crab Rangoon Dip
A luxurious crab dip served warm with fried wonton chips. Made with real crab meat.
 Very elegant!